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Ok, I have some idea of what you're trying to accomplish. Sorry if some of this is redundant but others may want to understand:

Here's my take:
Install DVSwitch from the repository to /opt/ which creates
create two new folders in /opt/ 
copy the entire contents of MMDVM_Bridge to mb1 and mb2
delete /opt/MMDVM_Bridge
disable mmdvm_bridge.service
create two new services in /etc/systemd/system based on the original service /etc/systemd/system/
change each of the new .service's so they point to the new locations (/opt/mb1 and /opt/mb2). For instance, the following would be the service definition for the first MB instance I called MB1

Description=MMDVM_Bridge MB1 Service
# Description=Place this file in /lib/systemd/system
# Description=N4IRS 04/20/2018
# The device name should point to the
# port the mmdvm is plugged into.
# For USB ports (Arduino Due)
# BindTo=dev-ttyACM0.device
# To make the available
# systemctl enable systemd-networkd-wait-online.service netcheck.service
WorkingDirectory=/opt/MMDVM_Bridge (Change to /opt/MB1)
Environment=DVSwitch=/opt/MB1/DVSwitch.ini (Change to /opt/MB1)
ExecStart=/opt/MB1/MMDVM_Bridge /opt/MB1/MMDVM_Bridge.ini (Change to /opt/MB1)

Modifiy the second mb service to point to the /opt/mb2/

Now go to /opt/mb2/DVSwitch.ini and modify it to point to a different set of ports than /opt/mb1/DVSwitch.ini. /opt/mb1/DVSwitch.ini can remain as is. If you don't do this you will likely get a "Cannot open port" error when you start the mb2 service and mb2 will fail. 

systemctl enable mb1
systemctl start mb1
systemctl status mb1

if it's running then:
systemctl enable mb2
systemctl start mb2
systemctl status mb2

If both of your services start successfully then the problem is no longer with MB and I would look at the ports that are defined in DVSwitch and MB. We can go there next if this doesn't solve your issue.


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