Pi digital interface for Analog Radio (client)

Jim Kusznir


I had a recent idea that I was wondering if I'm just crazy, or if this is actually reasonable.

We all know that MMDVM software allows someone to use the internet to create a repeater based on analog radios.  There are also software/hardware packages that allow using a mic and speaker and the internet to connect into DMR as a client (hold conversations, etc).

What about a device/software configuration that wold connect into the 9600 baud data port of an analog radio and a speaker and mic and allow the user to participate in the DMR system as a client through radio (eg, FT-8900 radio, for example)?

I know the STM_DVM board would have the physical connections necessary to interface to the analog radio (it already does that!); I'm not sure if it can act as a client rather than a repeater on the RF port though.

If it can, then the software (Blue DV or one of the equivalents) would need to know how to interface with a radio, or make use of a middle layer (DVSwitch software?)

Finally, is the analog radio able to T/R switch fast enough to do the TDM tx...

Is this doable, or am I just thinking wishfully?

--Jim, K7LL

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