Re: #mmdvm_bridge #mmdvm_bridge


Hi Steve. All set this way. Different path for .ini and log. The system work well its not a issue to start and run mb1 and mb2. I runnning it in ysf without any issue and no crash in mb1 or2 if i only use fusion ysf . This issue appear when a user use hotspot with dmr2ysf . A the moment they it the ptt in dmr2ysf now  see the mb crash but for other use its ok like nxdn2ysf working good ysf2ysf reflector working good . Its only with dmr2ysf users . I double check my dvs and mb and all seem ok . Only in the dvs log  i see for the log the path is for the quantar but i dont no if i only use ysf part if he needed  to have the log path. I will try later in case of .... thank s again

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