Re: Pi digital interface for Analog Radio (client)

Skyler Fennell

You could certainly do it with either Fusion or P25 with the remote gateway function enabled. 

I want to try it at some point ...

Radio less ASL node —> analog_bridge —> mmdvm_host P25/YSF REMOTE GATEWAY =1 —> ft-7800 9600 baud data port. 

Might be kinda a clunky mobile requiring a pi and a sound card and an extra speaker and mic   . 

So anyone, if I DO have a radio capable of Key/Unkey rapidly that would support tier II is there any hardware out there relatively easy to use to make a DMR client radio? 

On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 4:03 PM Jim Kusznir <jim@...> wrote:
Ok, thank you guys!

I figured there was a reason I didn't see someone making (overpriced) boxes that plugged into the data port of an analog radio to enable DMR...Even at $150, it would be a savings over buying a whole new radio.


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