Re: #mmdvm_bridge #mmdvm_bridge


MMDMV_Briidge looks for DMRIds.dat and Analog_Bridge looks for subscriber_ids.csv. Since these are both static text files you need a copy for each instance in /var/lib. 
The initial install puts DMRIds.dat in /var/lib/mmdvm/ and susbscriber_ids.csv in var/lib/dvswitch/ You need a copy for each instance of MB and AB.
Something like /var/lib/dvswitch/ab1 and ab2 then /var/lib/mmdvm/mb1 & mb2. Move the .dat and .csv files into those directories for each instance and then change your AB and MB .ini files to point to the new locations. The update process uses the .ini files for the locations so the updates should still work according to plan.

I would chmod 0775 the new directories you created just to make sure they can be accessed. 

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