Re: Where can I find protocol documentation?

Steve N4IRS

As far as I know, you have found all of the "documentation" on the protocol called HBP. MMDVM uses a slightly modified version of HBP to communicate with DMRGateway and networks like BM, XLX and DMR Plus. This is DMR only. To understand that protocol since it's open source, you can look at the source code for MMDVMHost, DMRGateway, HBlink and XLX.  You can also take a look at <>

For NXDN, D-Star, YSF and P25 see the source to MMDVMHost.

Hope this helps.
73, Steve N4IRS

On 11/3/2020 12:25 PM, George wrote:
For starters, I would like to find a full, complete, and correct documentation for whatever the protocol is called (IPSC, HBLINK, ??) that things like MMDVM use to talk to the gateways.

I found an old (2015) document somewhere which is clearly an early alpha version and with errors too, but the actual data streams I am looking at are for something that has evolved a bit since then. So where is this specified?

And is that protocol used for any other links in the growing DV networks?

George M0GXB

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