Re: DVSwitch Server release date


Installed DVSwitch_Server on new RPi4 and it works great. Fun to watch activity on RX Monitor and on Smartfone.
Have ASL 1.01 running on RPi3B+ for several years.Added DVSwitch bridge on it and it has been working FB.
However, w/o any way to change the TB over the air with DTMF, it is limited usefullness.
Thus, I took the leap and installed DVSwitch_Server on top of the existing stuff on the RPi3. Now DVSwitch does not work.
I shoud have asked B4 attempting the last step, but I got over enthusiastic.
Do you recommend putting ASL & DVSwitch Bridge & DVSwitch_Server on one RPi3B+? If so, what best install steps?
Gary W5BI

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