Re: DVSwitch Server release date

Steve N4IRS

DVSwitch Server is all the same programs as you had on your bridge. The idea behind server was to include all the components and scripts. With the menu in Server you configure for use with DVSM, but it's not necessary.
The difference in using DVSwitch Server with DVSM and using DVSwitch Server with ASL is one setting in AB.ini

address =                     ; IP address of USRP partner (Allstar/Asterisk or another Analog_Bridge)
txPort = 54321                          ; Transmit USRP frames on this port
rxPort = 54321                          ; Listen for USRP frames on this port

For ASL:
address =                     ; IP address of USRP partner (Allstar/Asterisk or another Analog_Bridge)
txPort = 32001                          ; Transmit USRP frames on this port
rxPort = 34001                          ; Listen for USRP frames on this port

The above ports point to the USRP channel driver in ASL rpt.conf:
rxchannel = USRP/  ; Use the USRP channel driver. Must be enabled in modules.conf
                                        ; = IP of the target application
                                        ; 34001 = UDP port the target application is listening on
                                        ; 32001 = UDP port ASL is listening on

I'll bet if you look at your AB.ini it's set for DVSM.

As to the ability to change TGs and modes from ASL. You can. It takes a little work in ASL but here are the basics:
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ will allow you to change modes, talk groups and a whole lot more. It's VERY versatile. to get a look at what it can do:
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ will output all or most of the available parameters.

/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mode DMR will change modes to DMR
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ tune 3100 will change TG to 3100

All you need to do is setup ASL. Well, doing that is not quite simple depending on how well you know ASL.
This part should really be continued in the <> subgroup.

Hope this helps,
73, Steve N4IRS

On 11/3/2020 3:18 PM, Gary wrote:
Installed DVSwitch_Server on new RPi4 and it works great. Fun to watch activity on RX Monitor and on Smartfone.
Have ASL 1.01 running on RPi3B+ for several years.Added DVSwitch bridge on it and it has been working FB.
However, w/o any way to change the TB over the air with DTMF, it is limited usefullness.
Thus, I took the leap and installed DVSwitch_Server on top of the existing stuff on the RPi3. Now DVSwitch does not work.
I shoud have asked B4 attempting the last step, but I got over enthusiastic.
Do you recommend putting ASL & DVSwitch Bridge & DVSwitch_Server on one RPi3B+? If so, what best install steps?
Gary W5BI

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