Setting the IP address on the Pi

Bob Brown

Since the DVswitch draws a local IP from your network via DHCP, is there a way from the menu system to disable DHCP and hard code a Wired LAN IP ?

No, I am not doing wireless, just hardwire ethernet.

Short of doing this from the command line, can I open a config file and configure this and then reboot?

My system keeps drawing a address and an IPV6 address, my router is configured to hand out addresses, this pi refuses to go there.

I thought there would be a place in the menu system to set this but I cannot find it to save my soul, can someone please enlighten me?

Otherwise, I will do it via the cmd line.

I was following the nice videos from W0RMT, but it lacked what I think is an important part.

Thanks in advance

Bob, W0NQX

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