Re: Setting the IP address on the Pi

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL

Set it via reserved IP in DHCP in your router by Mac address. That way when the pi boots, DHCP will always assign it that IP address and you don’t have to mess with changing files and the command line. Also if you ever need to move networks ( you get a new router and change your IP scope for example), your PI is not locked on that old network and you can’t get into it.

Jeff Lehman, N8ACL
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On Nov 3, 2020, at 10:22 PM, Bob Brown <> wrote:

Since the DVswitch draws a local IP from your network via DHCP, is there a way from the menu system to disable DHCP and hard code a Wired LAN IP ?

No, I am not doing wireless, just hardwire ethernet.

Short of doing this from the command line, can I open a config file and configure this and then reboot?

My system keeps drawing a address and an IPV6 address, my router is configured to hand out addresses, this pi refuses to go there.

I thought there would be a place in the menu system to set this but I cannot find it to save my soul, can someone please enlighten me?

Otherwise, I will do it via the cmd line.

I was following the nice videos from W0RMT, but it lacked what I think is an important part.

Thanks in advance

Bob, W0NQX

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