Re: YSFGateway with FCS bridging

Steve N4IRS

What FCS room can I point MB at to see the error?

On 11/4/20 5:20 PM, David Young wrote:
Hi Steve,

I downloaded your latest MMDVM_Bridge files off github and replaced the MMDVM_Bridge.amd64 new over to my FCS to DMR bridge.  Also replaced the old with new MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini files.  I still receive the Network Watchdog timeout error after each FCS transmission.  Yes, I did rename the MMDVM_Bridge.amd64 to MMDVM_Bridge.
We are using DVSwitch apps to bridge multiple modes over to a HBLink3 virtual server also running on an NFO cloud server.  I before updating to the new MMDVM_Bridge files which seem to have the same Watchdog error I tried various other configuration changes to both YSFGateway.ini and MMDVM_Bridge.ini files with no success, always generating the Network Watchdog error message when transmitting from any FCS room we have bridged to the HBLink3 server.  The best solution I could come up with was bridging the FCS rooms to our XLX server and then bridging the XLX server to DMR using DVSwitch modules.  This cut down my Network Watchdog errors to only approximately 30 percent of the time.  Kind of a round-about way of doing the bridging but still not completely eliminating the errors.  Going to attach a PDF file block diagram of how we are doing our bridging system.  Hope this will help.

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