Re: YSFGateway with FCS bridging

David Young


Ok, I downloaded the new MMDVM_Bridge off github and replaced the old with new for FCS00479 bridge.  After reboot I setup a test and looking at the FCS00479 MMDVM_Bridge log I see that now, yes I received the EOT message after the Network Watchdog timeout on the FCS00479 bridge.  Here's the problem, the EOT is not being passed to the NXDN MMDVM_Bridge log, only the Network Watchdog timeout message.  Thus, NXDN stays in receive mode waiting for the EOT.  If I key up DMR from the TGIF MMDVM_Bridge that will then clear the NXDN MMDVM_Bridge and NXDN will then Tx through the bridge until I Tx again on FCS00479, which then causes NXDN to stay in listening mode again.  The other bridges don't have this problem, XLX, P25, or DMR, only NXDN, maybe it is an ID issue since NXDN uses a unique ID, just a thought.

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