Re: DMR<>YSF Bridge - can't hear anything on the DMR side #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

Please post your MMDVM_Bridge.ini and DVSwitch.ini and MMDVM_Bridge log. if you are using YSFGateway, show YSFGateway.ini

On 11/8/20 12:22 PM, hello@... wrote:
Hi everyone,

I have a YSF reflector running in the cloud which works great. I am trying to link it to DMR. 
I configured MMDVM Bridge and when I transmitted on my DMR radio people could hear me on the yaesu reflector with their yaesu radio. But I couldn't hear anyone back, and no traffic was seen on the Last-Heard on Brandmeister for the talk group I assigned in dvswitch.ini.
The tx and rx ports are corresponding with each other dmr tx<>ysf rx, and dmr rx<>ysf tx

Please can anyone help me troubleshoot what's going on?

Reflector and TG is 73583


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