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Pete Fierro <overthetop52@...>


   How do I set up the USRP protocol running two pi's? I am hearing traffic on the other pi.Both Pi's are on different  talk groups and on 3101 master.

     MMDVM.ini as well as analog bridge.ini is indicating my DMR  id with two digits appended as well as the other pi with two digits on the other pi with different digits. 


On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 8:23 AM, Steve N4IRS
<szingman@...> wrote:
HAMVIOP is built on Arch. The apt packages will not install on Arch. You could install manually from github. You other option is to run DVSwitch Server on a second Pi and use the USRP protocol to connect the 2 systems.
I can tell you 2 systems will make mode and TG changes a little more complex.

73, Steve N4IRS 

On 11/8/20 8:18 AM, Daren. 2E0LXY. wrote:

Hi Steve.

Thanks for the reply.

Its HamVOIP.

Best regards


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