Re: XLX899 <> Allstar 40171


On 10/11/20 5:30 am, Patrick Perdue wrote:

If you're using HamVoIP, it's much, much easier to dedicate a second
Pi to DVSwitch and connect USRP between them on the LAN. I've done
this, and it works well. I also have a couple of ASL 1.01 systems.
Once you have ASL up and running, it's a lot easier to integrate
DVSwitch on the same hosting machine than with HamVoIP.
Yes, I've just finished integrating DVSwitch with ASL and it's fairly
straightforward.  Just got the final pieces of the puzzle from Steve,
and I now have a working multimode AllStar node, that needs only an
analog FM radio with DTMF to access any of the modes the system supports
(currently YSF, DMR and P25).

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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