Re: Controlling DVSwitch from AllStar

Steve N4IRS

Here is a update to the tgtune context in extensions.conf. I wanted to make sure Allison did not leak out into digital and it seems to work. I still suggest you test it on your system before connecting to a busy TG / reflector and get yelled at.

exten = _X.,1,noop ; Wait,1
exten = _X.,n,System(/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mute TLV)
exten = _X.,n,Playback(connecting)
exten = _X.,n,SayDigits(${EXTEN})
exten = _X.,n,System(/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ tune ${EXTEN})
exten = _X.,n,System(/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ mute OFF)
exten = _X.,n,Hangup

Allison will announce the TG you are connecting to. I'll say it again, test before you put into production.

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