File Access

W6JJ - Bruce

I joined this group along with a couple other groups.  To be specific, the "ANYTONE 878 and 878 PLUS Group", "SHARI", and the Discuss DMRlink, HBlink, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and Mibile".  The Anytone group has no "FILES" availalbe - however the SHARI group has 12 pages of files and the Discuss DMRlink, HBlihnk, DVSwitch, Quantar Bridge and Mobile group have 13 pages of files.  I cannot access any files beyond page 1, and when I move my mouse over to go up pages - my cursor changes to a red circle with a slash meaning that I cannot change the page.  Is this common with all members(FREE) or are PAYING members the only ones with file access beyond the page 1 of files?  Please advise.

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