Re: ASL to DMR - not receiving inbound traffic

Gerry Filby

Thanks for the response Brad !

I tried that and it stopped working altogether.  I looked in /opt/MMDV_Bridge/DVSwitch.ini and TX/RX are defined:


Address =             ; Address to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

TXPort = 31100                  ; Port to send AMBE TLV frames to (export)

RXPort = 31103                  ; Port to listen on (import)

Slot = 2                        ; Export slot

ExportTG = 0                    ; Which TG to export

TalkerAlias = Roger Nowhere Il. DVSWITCH

So I'm assuming that needs to be reversed in Analog_Bridge.ini ? - Tx goes to Rx and visa versa:


address =                     ; IP address of xx_Bridge

txPort = 31103                          ; Transmit TLV frames to partner on this port

rxPort = 31100                          ; Listen for TLV frames from partner on this port

ambeMode = DMR                          ; DMR, DMR_IPSC, DSTAR, NXDN, P25, YSFN, YSFW (encode PCM to this format)

minTxTimeMS = 2500                      ; Minimum time in MS for hang delay (0-10000)

I'm getting traffic from the TG 91, but only if I momentarily click my PTT on the analog side whilst a 3rd party is speaking in the TG.  If the 3rd party in the TG stops an restarts their over, I don't resume receiving their traffic from the TG.


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