Re: Configuring DVSwitch Mobile to access own AllStarLink node

Steve N4IRS

There are 2 different things in play here. You have to consider the capabilities of DVSwitch Mobile (the Android client) and DVSwitch Server.
DVSwitch Mobile can be a IAX client. As a IAX client it can directly communicate with a AllStar node. That node can be AllStarLink or HAMVOIP.
DVSwitch Mobile can also communicate as a USRP client. This is primarily intended to communicate with DVSwitch Server which supports the 5 digital modes.

DVSwitch Server is available as a Raspbian image or can be installed on a existing Debian based system. DVSwitch Server can be installed on a existing AllStarLink node since that node is Debian based.
HAMVOIP is based on Arch, so the DVSwitch Server install packages can not easily be installed on HAMVOIP. ( we are working on a solution to this)

I hope I did not muddy the waters further.
73, Steve N4IRS

On 11/20/2020 12:48 PM, Aerodan wrote:
I may be off totally on this, but Steve doesn't the new drop of DVSwitch configure regular Allstar nicely, rather than using Hamvoip? I've been meaning to switch over from HV but... if it ain't broke :) AD

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