Re: metadata management


Here's a bit of advice, take it for what it's worth. 
If you're thinking of linking your other modes to a currently active P25 Reflector, don't. You will be chastised to no end and probably banned from that reflector for life.

The only solution you have is a P25Gateway and P25Reflector with a private TG. I did that for a while and had 0 users. I provided instructions on how to update the P25Hosts.txt files on their hotspots but I guess that was more work than they wanted to do. In the end I took down the reflector and gateway and just told them to use their hotspots in P252DMR mode and connect to my XLX reflector. I have a interlink to BM3103 on the XLX. Now I have P25 users and the meta data is not an issue.

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