Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge


On 27/11/20 4:03 pm, Gary, KE8O wrote:
I currently have a test system where I have bridged YSF and DMR using
MMDVM_Bridge.  I have the P25Reflector  installed on the same system
running as a standalone reflector. I would like to add P25 to the
existing YSF / DMR bridge.  I searched the existing message and found
a discussion on bridging P25 to DMR that involved using Analog_Bridge.
I'm just not sure on how to add a third mode into the mix.  Any
guidance would be appreciated.
You would need a second instance of MMDVM-Bridge, which is sitting on
the same DMR TG as the original bridge.  The way I see it is:

DMR - MMDVM-Bridge - Analog_Bridge (1) - Analog_Bridge (2) -
MMDVM_Bridge - P25Gateway - P25 Reflector.

Analog_Bridge (1) would be configured to use the md380-emulator for DMR
AMBE encoding, while Analog_Bridge (2) needs to use the software IMBE
vocoder from op25.  Of course, hardware vocoders can be used instead of
the software options I've given, but the software vocoders are excellent
for DMR and P25.

So at the end of the day, you're running 3 instances of MMDVM_Bridge
(including the existing DMR - YSF instance), plus 2 instances of

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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