Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

Think of it this way. What modes do you need? MB can do each of the modes, once.
You have a YSF <-> DMR
You want to do P25 <-> DMR

A P25 to DMR Bridge is one instance of MB and 2 instances of AB (the transcoder)

In you YSF <-> DMR bridge, you cross connected the TLV ports. In you P25 <-> DMR bridge that cross connect needs to go through a transcoder.
Think if it as 2 networks. P25 <-> AB and DMR <-> AB This is a single instance of MB and 2 instances of AB. Now, connect the 2 AB together at the USRP ports.
You have a transcoder.

On 11/28/20 6:43 AM, Gary, KE8O wrote:
OK, I think I have my head wrapped around the AB side but I'm not sure on the number of MB instances.  Below is how I currently have my /opt folder setup.

According to Steve's response and the port flow I need two AB instances for the DMR<--> P25 and one MB instance. Is that one MB instance my existing YSF/DMR instance or in addition ? 

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