Re: ASL <-> D-Star <-> xlxd

Steve N4IRS

It would be:
 ASL <-> Analog_Bridge <-> (DStar, using hardware USB chip) <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> ircDDBGateway <-> xlxd

I don't know if ircDDBGateway and XLX can exist on the same machine. I assume it can.

Steve N4IRS

On 11/30/20 4:20 PM, va3dxv wrote:
Hello everyone. Is there much D-Star activity in the group? I've got a working xlxd reflector set up I use for a DStar group. Running on the same server, I have a working AllStar simplex radio node with Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge.

I'd like to bridge the ASL node into xlxd, in D-Star mode. So in theory, it goes like this: ASL <-> Analog_Bridge <-> (DStar, using hardware USB chip) <-> MMDVM_Bridge <-> xlxd

However I can only get MMDVM_Bridge to connect to xlxd if I use [DMR Network] in MMDVM_Bridge.ini. If I try using [D-Star Network], xlxd sees DPlus packets but it doesn't retransmit anything, and doesn't show the connection. Audio is messed up in DMR mode anyways, even though A_B says on start up it's using the hardware codec.

I could maybe insert ircDDBGateway between M_B and xlxd but it doesn't look like they can easily coexist on the same host.

Can MMDVM_Bridge connect to xlxd in DPlus or another DStar mode? I don't want to have to go analog->dmr->dstar, I'd rather just do analog->dstar. Wondering if anyone on here is doing this and how they went about it. Thank You

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