Re: Coming to a browser near you

Mike Zingman - N4IRR

Status Report:
I now have a manageable list of items to finish for an alpha release.  The items are divided into Server, and Client with most of the work done for both.  Client needs some "configuration" support, and the server needs some more edge case development.  The last few days have been all client side, but today was a lot more server side.

For an overview the client is a little different than Mobile and pyUC in that it does not communicate with AB directly.  This was initially because the HTML client uses websockets and rather than add that as in interface to AB, a server was created.  The server is implemented in Nodejs and was an outgrowth of the work for the dashboard RX Monitor.  Now the server has grown in several ways which I will document as I get closer to release.

As far as features, hUC is starting out as a peer to pyUC in UI and capabilities.  It will evolve over time.

Finally, the server, HTML and config files will need to be packaged and system services will be set up.

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