Re: time out on an allstar node with dvswitch


It belongs in rpt.conf

with the node stanza that is disconnecting.

I don't know that it is your problem as I do not know your set-up.

Just a guess because I have to.

You should watch the verbose output of asterisk when it disconnects and share that string of data with us.

The nodes you are connecting to, are they private or public ? describe the ones that are disconnecting. verify.

On 12/3/2020 2:07 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
what file should i put that in?

On 12/3/20, Mike KB8JNM <> wrote:
check or insert this into the node conf

lnkactenable=0    ; inactivity timeout dis/enable

On 12/3/2020 1:52 PM, Jed Barton wrote:

On 12/3/20, Mike KB8JNM <> wrote:
What is 'the client' ?

On 12/3/2020 1:22 PM, Jed Barton wrote:
so the connection to what ever node i have connect to is fine, it's
the connection between my client and my node is going away. Any

On 12/3/20, Corey Dean N3FE <> wrote:
I am a little confused. Is the connection to dvswitch and asl
or dvswitch to whatever you are connecting to?
On Dec 3, 2020, at 11:08 AM, Jed Barton <> wrote:

Hey guys, Hoping someone cn help. So i have my node setup so i can
connect through dv switch. OK cool, it works. What i notice, after
being connected for a few minutes, it times out, and i have to
re-connect. Is this normal, can it be fixed? I'd like to leave it
connected without having to change this all the time. Any thoughts?



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