Re: time out on an allstar node with dvswitch


Can you better describe the event, timing ? how long till disconnect, is it the same every time ?

Can you watch the verbose output in asterisk when the event happens ? what does it say ?

rpt.conf is in /etc/asterisk

Sounds like you should let someone with a little more experience look your configs over for the issue.

Is this on a PI or PC, is it standard issue asl or hamvoip ? Is the node connected to your network on wifi ?

On 12/4/2020 2:28 PM, Rodger Davioes wrote:
Hi Mike,
I'm having the same problem. When I connect to a public Allstar node, after a short time the connection is dropped. I'm using DVSwitch Mobile.
What is the path to rpt.conf? I'd like to try that change and see how it goes.
Thanks for the help,
Roger N6DVZ

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