Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

To get the bridge working, forget all the extra stuff to start. Tun off the reflectors, turn off the dashboards. Stop all DVswitch services starting at boot.
Start at one end of the bridge and work to the middle. If you don't see the traffic, stop and fix before moving on.

Start MB in the foreground. Is it logging into the master? Do you see traffic?
While MB is running, start the connected AB. Do you see the traffic?
Once you have this working, go from P25 in. Same thing, do you see inbound P25 traffic? Does the traffic transfer to the connected AB?
When that all works, cross connect the instances of AB.

When you post logs or config files for someone to look at, post them as separate files. That way we can open both files side by side, having to scroll up and down make it hard to troubleshoot. Same for the log files.

 Steve N4IRS

On 12/6/20 8:57 PM, Gary, KE8O wrote:
A little more background on my setup. I built this bridge using the DVSwitch-Server-RPI image as an experiment. However, I never ran the DVS script to configure for use with DVSM. I installed YSFReflector and P25Reflector on the same system. I'm using the original MB for my YSF to DMR bridge which works fine. I then added a second instance of MB for my P25 to DMR bridge. My original AB is configure for P25, and my second AB instance is configured for DMR. 

Everything is set to start at boot, and I recently added the new logs into the nightly logrotate process. I'm also planning to add the new instances to monit.

I just can't get the P25 to DMR bridge working and it is driving me crazy. I'm spending every free moment thinking about this and rechecking my settings.

Below are the log files for one transmission on the P25/DMR bridge side with my YSF/DMR bridge stopped..

MMDVM DMR / P25 Instance

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:35.940 DMR Slot 2, received network voice header from KE8O to TG 27715

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.456 P25, TX state = ON

I: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.456 P25, Begin TX: src=1139360 rpt=113936033 dst=9 slot=2 cc=1 metadata=KE8O

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.528 DMR Talker Alias (Data Format 1, Received 6/27 char): 'KE8O D'

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:37.255 DMR Talker Alias (Data Format 1, Received 13/27 char): 'KE8O Delaware'

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:37.971 DMR Talker Alias (Data Format 1, Received 20/27 char): 'KE8O Delaware, OH US'

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:38.691 DMR Talker Alias (Data Format 1, Received 27/27 char): 'KE8O Delaware, OH USA MMDVM'

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:40.341 DMR Slot 2, received network end of voice transmission, 4.8 seconds, 0% packet loss, BER: 0.0%

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:40.424 P25, TX state = OFF


P25Reflector log

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.464 Transmission started from KE8O     

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.500 Transmission from KE8O at KE8O       to TG 27715

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:40.430 Received end of transmission


AB P25 Log

I: 2020-12-07 00:31:35.941 USRP packet type: USRP_TYPE_TEXT (KE8O) -> 1139360

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:36.451 PTT on

M: 2020-12-07 00:31:40.419 PTT off (keyed for 3968 ms)



I: 2020-12-07 00:31:35.941 Begin TX: src=1139360 rpt=113936022 dst=27715 slot=2 cc=0 call=KE8O

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