Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

Do you have P25Gateway running? Is the startup set to connect to your p25 Reflector?

On 12/7/20 9:59 PM, Gary, KE8O wrote:


As suggested I stopped all services except my P25Reflector and then started MB2 (P25/DMR instance) in the foreground. I confirmed that it logged into the DMR master server (see attached). I then started the P25 AB instance in the foreground (see attached). When coming in on  P25 I showed no activity in the P25 AB or MB2 terminal windows. I know you said to stop all services but without my P25Reflector running I don't have anyway to test unless I can point to one of the DVS P25 test reflector?  If yes which one. 

While I had all of the services stopped and before I restarted all of the services. I did start up the DMR AB instances in the foreground and observer activity in the MB2, DMR AB, and P25 AB terminal windows when coming in on DMR. (see attached). So it appears my P25 side is broken. 

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