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Keep in mind, hoseline broke a little over a week ago.  There are many behind the scenes hoseline servers that feed to a master almost like a proxy.  Right now most are feeds no directly from Italy.  You can always try the US hoseline server that all the US masters feed into.  It is located in New York City.

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On Jun 7, 2017, at 9:24 AM, Richard (Joseph) VE2DJE <ve2dje@...> wrote:

Same setup this morning , Hoseline is working OK  ....




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Thanks . You guys are doing a fantastic job.....




Le 7 juin 2017 08:36, "Steve N4IRS" <szingman@...> a écrit :

Analog_bridge, HB_bridge and IPSC_bridge are going through multiple changes every day. A number of things that we originally thought have been changed. The code has been refactored to make it more modular and easier to extend.
I'm sorry for the delay.

I checked hoseline this morning, my audio was there for 3167. One of the issues with BM is that the servers get "bounced" pretty often. HBlink needs to reconnect. That needs to be looked at.


On 6/6/2017 4:16 PM, Richard (Joseph) VE2DJE wrote:

Tested  my mmdvm repeater  on port 62031.


Works OK  on 9900 parrot  and on 3167 .


Looked on Brandmeister Last Heard list  ,  Callsign are showing  OK…


But no luck with  Hoseline.  Not showing my call sign nor audio…


Also tested   local  , all OK ,  local Parrot is working fine .


Still working   with and .


Lot of reading and  brain  cramps…


Looked trough the Wiki to find  HB_bridge or Analog_bridge partners apps ( ????),


Are they available for testing  yet ?????   Shure  willing to  give it a try …..


Testing  on  ambe_audio and  DMRGateway ( before renaming to Analog_bridge )  where


a great learning tool….




Richard VE2DJE



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