Re: DVSwitch Dashboard - DMR Master Information

Steve N4IRS

Make sure you have done a update / upgrade. and retest.

On 12/9/20 7:31 AM, g8ptn@... wrote:

A minor observation on the DVSwitch Dashboard.

I have noticed that the “DMR Master” information keeps disappearing. Everything is still working as expected and DVSwitch is connected to the DMR server.

Switching between servers in the “dvs” control panel restores the dialog information.



PS. Keep up the great work on DVSwitch. Even using the software vocoder, for DMR the audio on both transmit and receive is excellent.


Dave (G8PTN)

Version information below.

Software: version 1.6.0
Analog_Bridge version 1.6.0
MMDVM_Bridge version 20201129_V1.6.2 git #89f8998
P25Gateway version 20200824
NXDNGateway version 20200824
YSFGateway version 20200908


Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

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