Re: digital transmit overtime

Patrick Perdue

I’m adjusting it on the USRP node.
For now, I wrote a cheap shell script that is called only when the USRP node is keying towards ASL, which sleeps for a while, mutes both TLV and USRP. Then another script runs when the node stops transmitting which kills the running time or if it exists, then unmute A_B 10 seconds later. It isn’t perfect, but it does give people a chance to disconnect if things go on for a long time.

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On Dec 9, 2020, at 18:57, Steve N4IRS <> wrote:

Which TOT are you adjusting? Are you adjusting the TOT on the USRP node or the ASL TX? The TOT controls the TX not the RX. Just a thought.


On 12/9/20 5:55 AM, Patrick Perdue wrote:
Hi Steve:

Thanks. Yeah, I thought it should work the same as any other channel driver, so I changed it to a ridiculously low number (10000), and transmissions over 10 seconds across the bridge still passed after rpt reload, at least from digital to analog. I didn't test in the other direction.

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