Re: DVSwitch Dashboard - DMR Master Information

SP2ONG Waldek

My dvswitch server is working 24H and I use a simple method to recovery info about status connected servers / links

I put in /etc/cron.d/ file with contain:

0 2 * * * root systemctl restart mmdvm_bridge
0 2 * * * root systemctl restart ysfgateway
0 2 * * * root systemctl restart nxdngateway
0 2 * * * root systemctl restart p25gateway

after creating the file you must restart crontab

/etc/init.d/cron restart

which restart services during the night for example 2:00
In MMDV_Bridge.ini in [DMR Network] I put my base DMR server (IP address, port , password) and
in NXDNGateway.ini and P25gateway.ini YSFgateway.ini  I have defined in Startup=  
reflectors which I want always connected after a restart of services

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