Re: Followup on Network Watchdog timeout message FCS to DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

One question. You reference "Network Watchdog Timeout" Are you seeing those words in the log?
You should be seeing this:
M: 2020-12-12 14:37:26.510 YSF, received network end of transmission (expired), 1.5 seconds, 0% packet loss, BER: 1.3%


On 12/11/20 7:45 PM, David Young wrote:
I posted an issue several months ago concerning getting the error message 'Network Watchdog Timeout' after any FCS transmission using an MMDVM_Bridge between FCS and DMR.  Specifically this caused another bridge which I am running 'NXDN to DMR', same DMR TG, to stop working.  What happens is that the NXDN MMDVM_Bridge log file sees the Network Watchdog Timeout error message and does not see any subsequent Tx Stop message so NXDN thinks that the FCS bridge is still talking and stays in listen mode.  So the Tx Stop message does not get passed to the NXDN Bridge after the Network Watchdog Timeout message.  I had a suggestion that possibly to prevent the Network Watchdog Timeout error message from occurring that in G4KLX's MMDVM.ini configuration file there is a software switch in the "System Fusion" stanza labeled "RemoteGateway=".  Setting this switch to a numeric 1 might prevent the Network Watchdog Timeout error and resulting error message in the FCS MMDVM_Bridge.  Looking at the DVSwitch MMDVM_Bridge configuration 'ini' file, there is no software switch suggested in the "System Fusion" stanza.  Is it possible to add this switch or would this be of any help to my problem with the NXDN bridge?

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