Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge

Gary, KE8O

Hi Steve,

I changed txTG from 9 to 27715 and I'm seeing transmissions from P25 showing up on DMR last heard. I'm also seeing when I transmit on DMR it's making it to my P25reflector log.

I also verified that my YSF outbound to DMR  works. However, my inbound from DMR to YSF no longer works based on reviewing MB logs. When coming inbound from DMR I'm only seeing a log activity in the DMR/P25 MB log, nothing in the YSF/DMR MB log for the same period. 

I don't have enough devices to be able to test all modes at the same time. Tomorrow I'll be able to setup a sked with some others to test further.

Thanks again for your time!

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