Re: Followup on Network Watchdog timeout message FCS to DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

Please show me the result of:
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge -v

Also please show the log with some sample FCS transmissions.

On 12/13/20 12:09 PM, David Young wrote:

Tx on FCS00379
The log message is on the NXDN MMDVM_Bridge:  "M: 2020-12-12 14:37:26.510 DMR Slot 2, received network voice header from WB6DTB to TG 30639"
"M: 2020-12-12 14:37:26.510 DMR Slot 2, network watchdog has expired, 2.4 seconds, 12% packet loss, BER: 0.0%"

So we are sending both NXDN and various FCS rooms to HBlink3 master using DVSwitch MMDVM_Bridge modules.  FCS uses YSFGateway and I guess because we are then going from FCS through YSFGateway through MMDVM_Bridge to HBlink3 that is why the log shows DMR instead of YSF for the two log entries as above.  This is all running on cloud servers.

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