Re: Adding P25 to existing YSF and DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

You will have 2 instances of MB. So you will have 2 MB.ini and 2 dvswitch.ini files.

One thing you can use to check is

With only one of your bridges running, run
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ getUDPPortsForProcess ALL

The stop that bridge and start the other bridge
/opt/MMDVM_Bridge/ getUDPPortsForProcess ALL

compare the 2 outputs.

On 12/13/20 9:48 PM, Gary, KE8O wrote:
With the help of Joe, W8RIK and Ken, W8KWH I was able to confirm inbound DMR to YSF has stopped working when my second instance of MB is running for my P25 to DMR bridge is started. Outbound YSF to DMR works fine. I suspect some type of a port conflict but nothing is showing up in my log. I also verified that both instances of MB show logged in successfully to the DMR master server. 

I've attached my YSF to DMR MB.ini and DVS.ini files. 


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