Re: Followup on Network Watchdog timeout message FCS to DMR bridge

Steve N4IRS

Mike and I tested FCS bridging this weekend. Here is what we ran:

FCS00290 to NXDN 3166

FCS00290 to DMR 3112138

In each case, audio is clean and EOT is being received by a station monitoring to bridge output. Admittedly, we were listening to the output on DVSwitch based nodes.
We did not test with HBlink3 in the mix. Can you give me a simple diagram of what your are doing to bridge the 3 modes?


On 12/13/2020 11:59 PM, David Young wrote:

Not sure about the command you are asking me to execute  /opt/MMDVM_Bridge -v
This results in command not found.  I think you are asking for the version of MMDVM_Bridge which is 1.6.1 for the NXDN bridge.

Attached are 2 log files, one from the NXDN bridge log and the second from the FCS bridge log.  These were copied from the MMDVM_Bridge log showing my transmissions from FCS00479 and resulting log entries seen from the NXDN MMDVM_Bridge.  As seen on the NXDN bridge log after each FCS transmission is received on NXDN at the end of those transmissions the log shows the Network Timeout error and no TX OFF log entry, causing NXDN to stay in receive mode.  The last transmission shown in the NXDN bridge log is from me transmitting from TGIF DMR showing a valid NXDN TX OFF log entry which then allows NXDN to pass new NXDN transmissions back through the bridge to HBlink3 master.


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