Re: Followup on Network Watchdog timeout message FCS to DMR bridge

David Young

Result of -v command:  MMDVM_Bridge version 20201105_V1.6.1 git #0a3bff0
We are running all bridging on cloud server running 'Debian 10 Buster x64' and using the DVSwitch module 'MMDVM_Bridge.amd64'
Didn't consider that HBlink3 might be causing the problem.  We have the HBlink3 configuration set to:  Repeat=true
I will attach with the simple bridge diagram additional config files including the hblink.cfg.  This is the first time I have used HBlink3 so you may see something wrong in my configuration causing this problem.  We are using the same TG number for both TGIF DMR and NXDN.

Thanks for your help,

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