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Steve N4IRS

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On 12/15/2020 6:57 AM, fabiobassa wrote:

Hello everyone, I am an Italian HAM iz8xoh and is since few time that I'm experimenting on this fronteer of interconnecting different nodes on different technologies.

Have realized that for everybody ' s easy use most things are "raspberry concentric" since of course this is the easisest approach , and reproducibility is quite assured. But together with some talented people we achieved the goal to port linux ( armbian in particular) even on cheap platforms such as tvboxes.

DVSwitch is in no way Raspberry centric. We support i386, AMD64, armhf and ARM64 binaries. We test on a variety of systems. For ARM processors, we test on Armbian. I have run the DVSwitch programs on H2 - H5 and Samsung processors. Armbian happens to be one of my favorite distributions. You can install DVSwitch Server on Armbian now, see <>  

Some of those boards are armhf with up to 2 giga ram/16giga rom , some others are aarch64 up to 4gb ram,  so even much more powerfull.

Actually compiled mmdvmhost and mmdvmcal on rockchip rk322x platform and planning to check on old amlogic 805 .

If you can run MMDVMHost, you should be able to run the DVSwitch programs and the support programs

mmdvmhost and mmdvmcal  both are fully functional on rockchip armhf  and registered on Italy BM server. But my goal would be port on those cheap boards even all the suite such as mmdvm_bridge and also md380_emulator and ASL until the board can support it or split across diffferent boards and join them in lan network.

Regarding  about md380_emu  I have learned  that some instruction are " kernel" sensitive and platform tested are some allwinner ( h2 h3) .So now come questions:

1) why are very platform dependant ? Is some feautures needed to be implemented in make config of kernel or are HARDWARE related ( hw acceleration, real time kernel ) ?

We uses qemu to provide a "abstraction layer" to allow md380-emu to run everywhere we have tested.

2) any info about building from scratch is higly appreciated, maybe step by step to check functionality. E.G. for beginning would be great have the mmdvm hotspot hat ( single antenna-single slot chinese clone ) running with  his mmdvmhost and trying to decode the audio pipeing to a usb soundcard .Then step by step adding modules for ad hoc network or bm connected in a soft learning curve .

There is no reason to "build from scratch" since the DVSwitch Programs should run on your hosts now. DVSwitch is not trying to be everything to all people. If you want to include the DVSwitch programs in you project, you are welcome to do so.

Once the system have a great releabilty of course will be made a disclosure of these results giving credits to all owners of respective githubs projects !

Thank you in advance, 73' s iz8xoh

73 and good luck on your project.
Steve N4IRS


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