Re: installing on other ARM platforms other than raspberry #best_practices


Good morning Steve and first of all ty for replay.

I have run the DVSwitch programs on H2 - H5 and Samsung processors

I'm glad to read this. Before my f post I read a lot ( read much times this forum and also a pdf explaining " how is made" )  and wrongly understood that was necessary , for some kernel instruction or other, a specific arm processor. Cool it is not !

We uses qemu to provide a "abstraction layer" to allow md380-emu to run everywhere we have tested.

Well this is a part must dig deeper since , again wrongly, supposed no need of q-emu to run natively on arm processors.

You can install DVSwitch Server on Armbian now, see <>

Sure it will be next step , go througth the install process. I'm not exactly a linux guru in the meaning I don't know of coding in c++ or python but neither I'm zero knoledge. Am able to debug a script or a shell and can " understand" a bit a python wrap. I'm sure other questions will come and will ask again on these pages, but I see this forum is very active in helping people with dilemmas . thanks

Armbian happens to be one of my favorite distributions

Well, just for coriousity , this is the project a talented man and me we focused on. Most people supposed linux won't run on these board, we  did it. On that forum my nick is fabiobassa again, just a nickname !

If you want to include the DVSwitch programs in you project, you are welcome to do so.

Sure, thank you but before I must be sure the things are working, and then put as much infos to help people easily reproduce the whole scenario.

73 and good luck on your project.

Thank you so much Steve, 73's Marco IZ8XOH



the install process went smoothly. Now just need understand where all config go and how they interact each other


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