Re: Confused hblink and MMDVM bridge.

Steve N4IRS

Are you asking why your transmission go nowhere when you are connected to
hblink.dvswitch/org is a simple DMR master I setup for people to test. There is no connection to any other network or master. There is no dashboard. The only way someone else would hear you is to also be connected to and be on the same TG / TS.

We have discussed building a expanded HBlink master to better demonstrate the uses for HBlink but there is only so much time in the day.

Hope this answers your question.
73, Steve N4IRS

On 12/16/20 3:54 AM, G4WXN@... wrote:
Please excuse my stupidity, I am struggling to get my head around a problem I have.

I have DVS running on a Rpi, in MMDVM_Bridge.ini I have the following settings
# for XLX the syntax is: Options=XLX:4009
# Options=
That works fine with the scripts I have for switching systems, BM, TGIF, DMR+ etc.
I have another installation of DVS on a netbook, if I use the same settings the log files report that it has signed into the master with no problems, but my transmissions don't go anywhere, eg when on BM I watch the last heard and my transmissions never appear. However if I change the address line to a BM master with my password, all works fine.
So why does one work and not the other?
As always grateful there are folk out there smarter than me.


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