Re: Current Best-Practices for Linking with Brandmeister


Your problem  is your ambe dongle. Dropped one of them in my system and I got the same results. A pair may work better.  Reverted back to my single 3006

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Subject: Re: [DVSwitch] Current Best-Practices for Linking with Brandmeister
Well, XLX interlink with a BM server seems to be the root of the problem I'm experiencing which is why I'm asking if there are better alternatives. Right now MMDVMBridge is communicating with xlxd running on the same host locally. I'm pulling XLX:4001 in with MMDVMBridge and then sending that to a YSFReflector running on the same host as well (and obviously the reverse). Without any logged reason the DMR <> MMDVMBridge connection will cease functioning properly. If receiving a YSF transmission, MMDVM is keying up in the log but there is no audio and xlxd does not seem to "see" the transmission properly. Periodically the xlxd log will report strange errors about "localhost xlxd: ambed 1552 of 414 packets timed out" when this happens. D-STAR works for a period of time and then everything about xlxd will degrade. We were not having this problem before the introduction of the DMR Interlink (D-STAR and YSF were served directly by xlxd).

I'm trying to figure out a way to decouple DMR/BM from xlxd so that D-STAR and YSF can survive through these DMR hiccups we're seeing.

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