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On 20/12/20 4:23 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:

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I was playing around this morning. I'll preface this as I can't even
spell xlxd.
I find xlxd listens on a number of UDP ports, some of which conflict
with ircDDBGateway.
This is a systemctl status after starting xlxd on a DVSwitch Server
Yes, that's correct, because both ircDDBGateway and xlxd are able to
listen for incoming traffic on the same protocols.  You need to bind
them to separate IPs, or run them on separate servers.  I now do the
latter, where I run xlxd alongside AllStar, YSFReflector and
P25Reflector on one server, while DVSwitch itself runs on another
server.  I was able to have all of the reflectors, except for xlxd on
the same server (using different ports for YSFReflector and xlxd's YSF
support), plus AllStar on the one server, but separated out DVSwitch
when the new version came out for ease of maintenance, and not wanting
to conflict with old code.

And yes, would be for ambed, which I'm not running here, as my
xlxd currently does no transcoding. 

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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