Re: Confused hblink and MMDVM bridge.

Steve N4IRS

I would come down on the side of cleanliness. Disable any unneeded services. That being said, You should be able to switch masters on the fly. Please post your [DMR Network] stanza from the working MMDVM_Bridge.ini

Steve N4IRS

On 12/23/20 5:59 AM, G4WXN@... wrote:
Well after a lot of work, and bodging, I have DMR+ running.

Several problems, the port number I was using for the tune didn't match the master login, or at least I think that was what the problem was.

So now I have separate MB ini files for each network these are copied over the MB ini file and then MB service restarts.

Which brings me to another question.

When using these customised MB ini files, is it best to disable all the other modes? or does it make no difference?


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