Noobie Questions on DVSwitch and App

Brian Iler

Hi All - 
I have some confusions and questions regarding DVSwitch and the App.

I have DVSwitch up and running, but there's some things I can't seem to figure out and can't find a doc to explain it to me, so here goes:
(1) How do I get FCS as an available mode on the app?
(2) I'm having an issue with editing the favorites lists for YSF - can someone just give me a simple example please?  I just can't get anything to work on that (DMR/P25/DSTAR are all good, just not YSF)
(3) When I'm connected to a DSTAR reflector, it seems that the audio is overloaded (hot sounding), I thought I could do audio adjustments via the app, but I can't find them.

Thanks and 73's

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