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On 23/12/20 8:21 am, Steve N4IRS wrote:
So, how do we give people another option. That option is called
Analog_Reflector. Consider a piece of software tha t will accept
multiple connections from clients (DVSM, pyUC or hUC) it will also
accept connections from multiple AllStar nodes either on the same
server or a remote server. (via USRP)  You can have multiple bridges
Now this sounds awesome.  I'm currently using AllStar as my main
bridge.  Currently, only traffic from modes with dissimilar vocoders
traverses AllStar (DMR - YSF has its own dedicated MMDVM_Bridge
instance).  I'm not keen on losing the metadata on traffic that
traverses AllStar, but at least I can guarantee minimum degradation of
the audio.

Analog_Reflector sounds like just what I'm looking for, and its
additional features sound pretty cool too.  I will definitely be
upgrading to this, when it's available. :)
DVSwitch is about giving you control. You control the mode, you
control the destination. You control the metadata. It's your server.
Do what YOU want.. There is SO much more I did not cover (as Mike will
tell me) There is a admin interface for Analog_Reflector (and a
dashboard) Somebody "sitting on his mike"? Kick him or mute him.
Somebody abusing your server, ban him. I won't promise you we have
thought of everything. That will come to light as we  see
tAnalog_Reflector in the field.
This looks like fun.  I have two use scenarios here, which are very

1.  The multimode reflector.  This is a system that bridges 4 DV modes,
plus AllStar.  The main advantages of Analogue Reflector here would be
preservation of metadata, as well as the ability to isolate modes as
needed, plus access control.  I would be the only one with the keys to
the city, initially.  I may delegate some functions down the line.

2.  I have an instance of DVSwitch on my AllStar node here.  This one is
to allow AllStar to connect directly to any arbitrary destination. 
Analogue_Reflector could simplify a lot of things here.  I could also
use it to link to other software (that I can make speak USRP in one way
or another). :)

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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