Re: Dvswitch crashes with weak 4G signal.

Brad N8PC

sounds like the problem is your not getting enough 4g signal to your site. if your using a cellphone for net connection you will have a problem with reliable communication as cell towers get busy.  if you have someone close by with line of site I would suggest an outside internet antenna at each site like 
you have to realize cell communications are not always best for internet connections.  I run DVSwitch here on a raspberry Pi 4 with 5G internet connection Wifi without any of the problems your having.  the other this you might try is changing from a cell phone to an actual MiFi (mobile data hotspot) that works on cell signals so as not to get other interruptions from the cell phone.

On 12/25/2020 5:02 AM, Pd1loi wrote:
Hello gentlemen of DVswitch.
I have already experienced a few times that when I have too little 4G (Mobile data) signal, DV switch crashes. The PTT key turns red, and then transmits continuously. I have also had 2x that I walk in the countryside and then I suddenly get the message unregistered and then I can turn the dVswitch off and on again, but nothing changes. But what I then hear from other amateurs is that the Rasberry Pi will transmit and will not return to normal mode. I just have to turn off the power and restart. I am using a Rasberry 3b with 32gb sd card. and an Inrico T320 with Android 7.0, it also has a 32GB SD card. And everything is up to date. So much for my findings about DVswitch.

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