Re: Dvswitch crashes with weak 4G signal.


On 26/12/20 1:37 am, Brad N8PC wrote:
sounds like the problem is your not getting enough 4g signal to your
site. if your using a cellphone for net connection you will have a
problem with reliable communication as cell towers get busy.  if you
have someone close by with line of site I would suggest an outside
internet antenna at each site like 
you have to realize cell communications are not always best for
internet connections.  I run DVSwitch here on a raspberry Pi 4 with 5G
internet connection Wifi without any of the problems your having.  the
other this you might try is changing from a cell phone to an actual
MiFi (mobile data hotspot) that works on cell signals so as not to get
other interruptions from the cell phone.
All well and good, and improving the 4G signal is a good idea where
that's an option, but none of this addresses what looks like a serious
issue that the OP reported - DVSwitch server generating an uncontrolled
transmission when communication with its controlling client is
interrupted.  If the data link is lost, the system should fail in a way
that (1) doesn't result in uncommanded transmissions to the network and
(2) so that client-server communication can be reestablished when the
network connection is restored.

The transmission (and apparent lockup) sounds like a serious issue to
me.  I haven't encountered it, because my DVSwitch installations have
client (AllStar) and server on the same host or in the same data
centre.  I do have a "long haul" USRP link, but that's between AllStar
in Sydney and DummyRepeater running here, and although that has been
subjected to numerous network outages, it has been stable in its
behaviour, meeting the criteria above (no unexpected transmissions or
lockups, and simply picks up where it left off when the network comes back).

I haven't tried talking to DVSwitch server over an unstable network link.

And there's a lot more testing needed.  Does this occur only between
DVSwitch Mobile and the server? Or are connections between AllStar and
DVSwitch affected too?  Can it be replicated if DVSwitch mobile is on
wifi (and the wifi or fixed Internet drops out)?  Does any changes on
the server side have an effect (Pi vs PC/cloud server, home vs data centre)?

Just wondering if I can help test this myself, to assist with bug
hunting.  I can certainly do dodgy wifi and it only takes a 10 minute
drive to reach unreliable mobile coverage. :)

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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