Re: #hblink is throwing out many " DMR Slot 2, overflow in the DMR slot RF queue" #hblink

Steve N4IRS

I suggest you post this information in the HBlink subgroup <> Where more HBlink users will see it.

Steve N4IRS

On 12/26/20 6:45 AM, fabiobassa wrote:

Hello Bob, thank you for kind replay.

unfortunately Parrot documentation on hblink3 is fragmented , a piece here, a piece there so a bit unconfortable to follow the puzzle

On my radio of course the parrot is a group call and I can engage the parrot, what is frustrating  WAS the wrong audio coming back

I  found another polish man talking about parrot  on hblink3 and he says that first is necessary start the parrot service itself , otherwise no parrot service on board

So it ise necessary have a parrot.service or start by hand calling

/usr/bin/python3 /srv/HBlink3-main/HBlink3/  -c /srv/HBlink3-main/HBlink3/playback.cfg

that is my relative path.

Following the guidance to have a parrot.service , in facts,  now the parrot is working succesfully

Was just the lack of a service

thanks again , 73's Marco IZ8XOH

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