Re: Analog Bridge and HBBridge

Cort N0MJS <n0mjs@...>

My MMDVM repeaters seem to do the same with BM… in my case, keep alive are moving back and forth, no reason for MMDVM to suspect a problem, but the ability to move audio just goes away… didn’t check to see if BM says it’s off-line or not.

This happens with as well (and as such, is also affected). Would love to know if anyone knows why/how this happens.

0x49 DE N0MJS

On Jan 26, 2018, at 3:44 PM, David <david@...> wrote:

Running an Allstar node to BM TG and it works great most of the time.   Then every so often it partially disconnects from Brandmeister.   The status page says its offline.  If I restart the hbbridge side things begin to work for awhile.  Anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days.   When looking at the last heard on Brandmeister it shows audio coming in from analog but it is not putting it on a timeslot like it should.  Am I missing something in the config?  Or just a bug?

Cort Buffington

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